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Best Care Possible

At the Spokane Club, we understand working parents' needs and their desire to feel secure in their family day care arrangements. We also know that the growth and development of your child is the top priority. Spokane Club's onsite childcare teachers are well-qualified professionals with high expectations for your child's safety, education, and well-being. They truly care about each and every member of the Spokane Club family.

Family memberships receive 3 hours of complimentary childcare per day!

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Childcare Hours

Childcare reservations not required unless child is 12 months or under. Please reserve 24 hours in advance by contacting Tracey at  (509) 459-4571 ext. 515 or email

Monday-Thursday  |  8 am-7 pm
Friday  |  8 am-2 pm
Saturday  |  8 am-12 pm

Whether you want to relax, learn, laugh, or play, there's something for everyone at Spokane Club.

Membership gives you one incredible place for every part of life.