Personal Training

personal training

personal training

Stay Accountable

Spokane Club combines personal training and nutritional guidance to help members achieve their unique fitness goals every time they work out with us. Our team is among the most dedicated in the industry – offering support, dedication and motivation from our front desk staff to management. We believe that your health is paramount and are dedicated to helping you succeed. 

New members receive FREE personal training sessions to try out our program. 

Meet the Dream Team

personal training Nathaniel

Nathaniel Roley

Specialty: Ski Conditioning

Sean Bainbridge

Specialty: Weightlifting, Bodyweight Training, Sport/Agility Training, Powerlifting

personal training Natasha

Natasha Hoyt

Specialty: Fat Loss

Raechel Cline

Specialty: Endurance/ Core Strengthening

personal training Natelie

Natelie Windsor

Specialty: Introductory Strength Training

Julia Woodd

Specialty: Advanced Lifting/ Mobility 

Monica Moench

Specialty: Pain Free Strength Training, Hypertrophy and Bodybuilding

Jenny Headley

Specialty: Pre/Postnatal Fitness

Make Real Results Happen

When you only have a few minutes to get in a workout, we’re here to help. Our Personal Training program is built on personalized coaching and the latest fitness technology to keep you motivated and help reach your goals. Each session is designed to meet your needs based on your fitness level, your body type, your goals, and even your personality. See how our program helps you move faster than exercising alone or at a big box gym.

Optimize Your Nutrition

Meet Anne Mansfield, Spokane Club Nutritionist! Anne is ready to guide and support members on their journey to achieve optimal health and well-being. Start with a one-on-one consultation, where you can gain insights into healthy eating habits, learn about portion control, and receive support in making sustainable lifestyle changes. Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve your overall wellness, or simply make healthier choices, Anne is here to help! 

Joanna M.

"This is the best fitness club in Spokane. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Love the variety of equipment in the conditioning room."

134 years young

For over a century, Spokane Club has been committed to providing its members with the finest venue in which to work, gather, and play. Come see what makes this the only social club of its kind in the nation.