Spokane Club Fitness: Jenny’s Warm-Up Stretch

We're excited to share a special glimpse into the world of mindful exercise with Jenny, one of our outstanding yoga instructors. In this exclusive video, Jenny walks you through a thoughtful warm-up stretch routine, designed to enhance flexibility, promote flow, and boost your overall well-being.

Here at Spokane Club, we take pride in offering more than just top-notch facilities; we provide a team of dedicated trainers and instructors who genuinely care about your fitness journey. Jenny exemplifies this commitment by ensuring that no matter your fitness level, you receive personalized guidance to align with your unique goals.

Embark on a path to optimal wellness by trying out Jenny's warm-up routine. This video not only showcases the caliber of instruction at Spokane Club but also reflects our sincere dedication to enhancing your fitness experience. We invite you to dive into this valuable resource and experience firsthand the positive impact of a carefully crafted warm-up session.

To see more of Jenny and other group fitness endeavors, make sure to check out the schedule here: https://spokaneclub.org/group-fitness/

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Spokane Club Moments: Our Yoga Instructor Substitutes for Zumba

A fun moment from our Zumba group fitness class - our very own yoga instructor Kassandra Miller subbing in and leading the Cupid Shuffle with our enthusiastic members! 

In case you missed the action, we've got it all on video! Kassandra knows how to bring the groove to any class. This is truly a testament to the incredible community spirit at Spokane Club. We're so lucky to to have a group fitness instructor who can seamlessly switch gears and create such a lively and fun atmosphere in a Zumba session!

Join us at Spokane Club, where every fitness class is a chance for the unexpected, and every instructor, like Kassandra, adds their unique touch to make your workouts not just effective but downright enjoyable.

Check out our group fitness schedule here: spokaneclub.org/group-fitness

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A young boy feeds a goat at the Spokane Club during the 2023 family fun night

The Spokane Club Hosts a Family Fun Night in Downtown Spokane

There is no better way to celebrate summer time with the family than the Family Fun Night at the Spokane Club! This year was packed and we are so thankful that so many of our wonderful members were able to make it this year.

There was so much to do at the Fun Night this year. Outside we had a barbecue with burgers, hot dogs and great drinks. The adults could relax on the patio while the kids enjoyed a fantastic petting zoo. All sorts of animals including a full grown cow, a turkey, goats, alpaca, and so much more were there for the kids to interact with. They even got to ride on a pony and a horse!

The fun didn't stop there though. Inside the gym was a craft table for the young ones, corn hole and a giant bouncy castle to help the kids use up their evening time energy. The pool was also open to families to enjoy some time in the water together.

Did you miss out this year? That's okay! The Spokane Club hosts a family fun night every year, and we always look forward to seeing friendly faces and families enjoying themselves. If you aren't a Spokane Club member, you can still join us. However, it's worth checking out our website and learning about all of the benefits we offer here, including discounted access to all club events and tons of other amazing perks. So head on over to https://spokaneclub.org and see what we're all about.

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The 1910 lounge is a unique and classy room in the Spokane Club, situated in Downtown Spokane.

Happy Hour Drinks at the 1910 Lounge in Downtown Spokane

It's Happy Hour at the 1910 Lounge! Located in the heart of Downtown Spokane at the beautiful and historical Spokane Club, come enjoy 50% off drinks every Wednesday and Thursday from 3pm to 5pm.

A Classy Setting

The 1910 Lounge is the perfect place to take a break from the day, with a unique and classy vibe, spacious lounge area, comfortable seating and vintage details throughout. Take a seat at the bar, grab a table with some friends, or relax on the sofa and enjoy your half-price drinks!

Keep an Eye Out For Events

The Spokane Club hosts all sorts of fun events for its members and guests. Be sure to check the schedule to see what sort of things are coming up at the lounge and be sure to swing by for some great experiences. You can find the schedule on our Instagram, or at the Spokane Club website.

Whether it be for some time to yourself, or to enjoy some time with friends, the 1910 Lounge is the perfect setting to enjoy happy hour, so swing by and grab those drinks for 50% off!

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Tracey from the Spokane Club childcare team sits with a couple young kids and reads them a story. The Spokane Club offers 3 hours of complimentary childcare every day for family memberships.

Childcare in Downtown Spokane at the Spokane Club

The Spokane Club is unique in that it contains so many perks for its members, not least of which is its fantastic childcare team! With so many fun things to do at the club, we realize that parents might want some time of their own to get in their workout, some relaxation time at the lounge or to enjoy a nice dinner out. Whatever you might be doing, our childcare team is always there to help out. The best part? Every family membership includes 3 hours of complimentary childcare per day!

Top Notch Care

At the Spokane Club, we understand working parents' needs and their desire to feel secure in their family day care arrangements. We also know that the growth and development of your child is the top priority. Spokane Club's onsite childcare teachers are well-qualified professionals with high expectations for your child's safety, education, and well-being. They truly care about each and every member of the Spokane Club family.

Kids Camps

It's not just daily care though. Our facilities at the Spokane Club offer a perfect place to connect with other kids and make new friends at our Kids Camps. Daily schedules include a variety of activities like indoor swimming, arts & crafts, bouncy castles, and sports. Kids have an unforgettable time and parents can enjoy a worry-free experience as their child participate in a fun and safe program. These amazing programs are available throughout winter, spring and summer school breaks.

So bring them by and see how our childcare services can enrich family life. You will find that your kids will enjoy their time with us just as much as you do! If you aren't a member of the club yet, head to http://www.spokaneclub.org to learn more about us. You can even sign up for a tour and see everything we have to offer.

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Spokane Club Organizes Swimsuit Donations For Local Children

Every year, local kids are turned away from free access to city and county pools because they do not have a swimsuit to wear. This denies them the opportunity to socialize with other kids and take free swim lessons. The Spokane Club is proud to be working with the Spokane Parks Foundation to change that!

From April first to April 30th, donation bins will be placed throughout The Spokane Club athletic facilities for people to donate new/unworn swim wear to help make an impact for Spokane children. If you don’t have a swimsuit to donate, that’s okay! For every $10 donated to https://givebutter.com/makeasplash, a swimsuit will be purchased for a local child.

We sincerely appreciate your efforts to help make a difference for our local community and look forward to seeing you in the club!

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