Spokane Club Moments: Our Yoga Instructor Substitutes for Zumba

A fun moment from our Zumba group fitness class - our very own yoga instructor Kassandra Miller subbing in and leading the Cupid Shuffle with our enthusiastic members! 

In case you missed the action, we've got it all on video! Kassandra knows how to bring the groove to any class. This is truly a testament to the incredible community spirit at Spokane Club. We're so lucky to to have a group fitness instructor who can seamlessly switch gears and create such a lively and fun atmosphere in a Zumba session!

Join us at Spokane Club, where every fitness class is a chance for the unexpected, and every instructor, like Kassandra, adds their unique touch to make your workouts not just effective but downright enjoyable.

Check out our group fitness schedule here: spokaneclub.org/group-fitness